Voyage Voyage

Voyage Voyage

Voyage Voyage is a iPhone App displaying the weather at your current place with a forecast.

This app is one of my first project at OpenClassrooms

The 3 main features are:

– You can see the weater at the place you are and you can chance the location to see weater at other places

– Second screen is a money converter

– On the last screen you can do translation

You can change the location by tapping on the header on the main view. This app is a « Swiss Knife » of travel and let you convert some money during your travel and finally help you to talk with people around you when you doesn’t speak the same language.

The Randomizator

The Randomizator

Randomizator is the perfect compagnon you need on your iPhone
To Take big decisions or just for fun you can ask it anything, just shake it and you will have your answer!

– Should I eat pizza?
– Should I go to the cinema?
– Who’s gonna pay the bill?
– Which coutry should I move?

Life is full of hard questions. just shake it and keep your mind free for other things!
Randomizator is available for free on the Apple App Store! What are you waiting for?